R.T. Vanderbilt Spray Dryer Project

R.T. vanderbilt Spray Dryer Project


  • 5 story structure housing a new industrial spray dryer


The Project


  • Provided materials, labor, supervision and design assistance for a 5 story structure housing a new industrial spray dryer.
  • This project included new distribution, motor control centers, PLC controls systems, rigid conduit installation and cable tray wiring.
  • Due to 3 sets of incorrect drawings, had to remove initial wiring and install correct wiring
  • Designed and installed three additional remote I/O cabinets to accommodate corrected wiring to insure proper operation.
  • Combined controls to work on 24 volt and 120 volt simultaneously


The Result


  • Project accomplished with in-house design, project management and field personnel
  • Completed project with 2 men and an occasional apprentice
  • 0 days lost

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