Catastrophic Electrical Service

Catastrophic Electrical Service & Repairs

Emergency service and repairs can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes quickly and unexpectedly and can threaten to shut down or even close your business. When this type of event happens, you need someone who has experience dealing with catastrophic electrical problems.

Wagner Electric has many years of experience with catastrophic electrical events. From these years of experience, we can provide:

  • An analysis of the problem
  • A plan to get your business up and running, temporarily and permanently
  • An experienced work force in emergency repairs


When you have a major electrical problem that threatens your business, you want a partner who can get you back up and running quickly so your business doesn't suffer. You also want someone who completes the job and solves the problems that created this catastrophe. The team at Wagner Electric can provide that type of service to you.

If a an electrical catastrophe strikes your business, give us a call at (502) 267-8384 and let Wagner Electric help you get back on your feet.


“Mike and Tony Wagner were there when we needed them the most. We sustained a severe lightning strike to our main office, where we house all of our data processing—the lifeblood of our business. The damage occurred on a Friday night and shut down our entire system. By Monday morning, Wagner had us up and running with zero client inconvenience. When something like this happens, something so dramatic, you need Wagner Electric, a company that is there for you 24/7.”

Scott Trager, President Republic Bank & Trust Louisville, KY



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